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Our goal is to create products that have minimal impact on planet - Earth!

Niapads® is manufactured utilizing the “Go Green Initiative” concept. As an early adopter of green technology, we avoid the use of petroleum derived solvents and other organic solvents in our manufacturing process.

Here are key Green steps in manufacture/use of Niapads®:

  • By choosing Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Lavender oil as key performers in Niapads®, we avoided the use of harmful peroxides, acids and similar chemicals that often underperform when dealing with acne bacteria.
  • Water is used as solvent. We avoid use of petroleum based solvents in the manufacturing process.
  • One-step application. By utilizing a one-step application process Niapads® conserves the use of resources (washing, rinsing, time) needed when compared to those needed for competitive product where multi-step application is the norm.
  • Reduced packaging material. Niapads® are dry pads and do not need bulky packaging. Convenient to carry around.
  • Reduced waste. Pads can be cut to any desired size and applied as needed.

Use Niapads® to take care of your Acne. Help save our planet!

Simple for Pimple™

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